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9 days!

Happy birthday to kizlj!

Hello to new reader sophy!

State of the 'Song
There are like six intersecting things that determine the state of the 'song right about now; they average out to "okay". I feel good about the momentum on the house - we're taking this as an opportunity to purge and reorganize and make conscious decisions instead of just shoving stuff in random places and watching it take over. I have some momentum and a timeline on my other stressors as well - and although waiting will be hell, at least I know when waiting will be over. And I did not fall apart yesterday like I did same day last year. I just did a crapload of housework and recapping of recent events. Also knitting.

One unequivocally joyful thing: slipjig and hypnagogie are getting married!

Ahem. This makes two couple in rapid succession who I've introduced getting engaged (the other being fiddle_dragon and zeyr). I believe that if you want to find your True Love (or at least your True Primary), you should be hanging out with me. I will facilitate! Reasonable rates apply!

Oi, Locals!
We thought the photography class Elayna signed up for at Explo was digital. Lo, it is not.

You might wish to bring your own 35 mm manually adjustable film camera for your exclusive use during the session. During class students can use one of our stock cameras, a Promaster 2500 K-Super. These are based off of the Pentax K1000--the ubiquitous entry level film camera trusted by teachers for decades. We do have enough cameras for student use during the course time only.

Any Boston-area friends have a suitable camera you're not using that Elayna could borrow this summer? Perhaps I can pick it up from you at the Beginning of Summer party if you do? It's not mandatory - they won't censure her for only being able to take pics during class time - but obviously it would be best if she could get the most out of the class.

Link Soup
* The treatsfortits auction has begun! Tasty treats for a good cause!
* Dude, the spelling be was hardcore this year.
* I want to make a light switch time capsule.

Daily Science
Maybe antimatter is finally ready for its close-up. A team of physicists has succeeded in producing rudimentary atoms of antimatter and holding on to them for several minutes, an advance that holds hope for detailed comparisons of how ordinary atoms of matter compare with their exotic antimatter counterparts.

Volunteer training begins today! So. Leaving way early and working from our other office. Since Adam's home today, the defragging of the house shall continue.

Tonight is Big Night Out: Queer Live Music, Poetry, and Film Party. My fellow BARCC volunteer Erich will be performing, and he's awesome and I'd like to support him. 8pm at the Burren in Davis, $5 cover, and apparently there will be coloring books.
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