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Wiscon recap: Saturday

Started my Saturday with a run through the Dealer's Room (oh hai new Laurie Toby Edison ring!) and the Art Show. So much great stuff! And I know more people in the art show every year. Gives me warm fuzzies, that does. I love knowing talented people. :) I could've bought a ton in the art show - but what I couldn't resist was this.

Those of you who know my daughter already know why. catvalente actually gasped upon seeing it Monday: "Oh my god, it's baby Elayna!" And it is. Elayna's preferred hair color and clothing style - her face, manga-ized - and the ravens! And the treasure! Seriously, I turned the corner and there was my daughter. So of course I had to buy it. And of course Elayna fell in love with it. I also bought a manga-style Labyrinth piece, which is sadly not up on the artist's site.

From there, a too-brief stop at the Journeyman Writers' Meeting (oh hai vylar_kaftan!) - I had to leave early to help set up for the Traveling Fates show.

Which was tremendous. Because of course it was. And it hit at a very emotionally resonant time - like I said, I was doing a lot of processing Thursday-Saturday. And the song choices, plus some additional other-people's-stuff background - I spent chunks of the concert, when not shimmying subtly behind the merch table, very internally focused and a bit overwhelmed over how the songs were almost like a Tarot reading. Talk about the right show on the right day. My goodness. s00j was phenomenal as always, and Bekah Kelso and Ginger Doss were great too - this was my first experience of them, and I snapped up all their music! And dark_blade danced. <3

Also during the concert? We got to surprise the epic-fantastic birthday boy, omnisti! We'd stealthily established a fund for the new fire staff he'd been wanting. Ha! We = s00j, I think Bekah & Ginger, vixyish, catvalente, and me - and maybe others? I'm not sure? Miz Vix, I gave him an extra hug for you! (Also I'd surprised him at a little past midnight Friday with a bright orange Baktus, because that's how I roll.)

And after the show, I needed a break. Note to self: standing through three hours of the Gathering on Friday and two hours-plus of concert prep and concert on Saturday is REALLY BAD FOR YOUR LEGS, ow ow ow. Also ow. Owwww.

Then a panel I regarded as a must: How To Describe Nonwhite Characters Sans Fail.

Oh. No.

I will refer you to kate_nepveu's excellent recap. There is really nothing I can add to that, save that I think at least angelsscream was entertained by my eyes going huge and me pressing my hand to my mouth in a cartoony "oh noooooo." Just wow. I'll note that an actual apology has occurred. But at the time, just oh nooooo. Went out to dinner from there with ktempest, sairaali, and a bunch of other wonderful and appalled panel attendees (I do not know everyone's LJname). Additional note to self: When in Wisconsin, order Indian food extra spicy.

I never make it to the Tiptree auction. Next year? I hope?

After dinner, I believe, is when I holed up in the hotel room frantically typing all of the last three days' developments to sindrian. This was a common occurrence during the con: I HAVE TEN MINUTES AND MUST SPEND ALL TEN TYPING.

I meant to make it to more parties, but I only made it to the Fairyland launch party. Well, there was a s00j! And a stealthcello! And later a Bekah and Ginger! And lounging about with the delectable grntserendipity, omnisti, pattytempleton, csecooney, thegreenyear, LJless Will Alexander and John O'Neill, And Many More. How could I have budged? I ask you!

Oh! And right before that? A breakthrough!

I was telling Patty, Claire, and O'Neill about why I have the "no at-con hookups" rule. Namely, I've had two that became toxic year-long relationships. In a row. Not doing it again. But ah, Claire!

csecooney: "So both of those times, you were living it Atlanta, and they were in Boston?"
Me: "Yes!"
csecooney: "Well, clearly your real love affair was with Boston!"
Me: "*blink*

It is true, I think! Oh, the ridiculous lengths I went to. It was Boston I was in love with all along! And now I am in a healthy long-term relationship with Boston! W00t! So, y'know. We'll see about con sex. We'll see.

I remained at the Fairyland party until I developed the thousand-yard stare; then I was off to bed. Sunday was to be my busiest day, after all.
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