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Thor's Day

12 days!

Hello to new reader tangledaxon!

State of the 'song
This is a bit complex and vague.

Essentially, I was prepared for my entire life to change dramatically in midJune; I was aware of that oncoming singularity. But the singularity jumped the gun, and I had major life shifts last Monday, Thursday, and Friday. Which resulted in me feeling very emotionally overwhelmed for the first two days of Wiscon! Sunday was easier because I had back-to-back panels all day pretty much. It's easier to refocus when I have panels to be all smart on than when I'm at a concert where the setlist is playing out like a Tarot reading.

Everything is fine, mind you, and two of those three things are more than fine, they're an embarrassment of riches - and that's one of the things that was getting me this weekend, was that it is all so much. I feel like my body is too small to hold all of this in it, and that periodically stole my breath this weekend. Just - this is the month where Everything Changes, and it started early.

Four Stressors
I've referred to having four huge stressors. One of those I got through on Sunday, and you'll hear about that when I do Wiscon wrapup posts. The two intersecting big bads are coming to a head and will be dealt with tomorrow, but we've come to a place where whatever happens will be okay.

The other big stressor is a positive one! sindrian is coming home in 12 days. Home for good. I am... still not talking about the ways our relationship has evolved and grown even in his physical absence. We will figure out what gets talked about when, and things will come out slowly. But it's a huge life change, my kiri moving home for good. Changes the shape of my everything, and my everything is already changing. I've said several times that I don't know what my life will look like by the end of this summer. In some aspects of my life, I think I'm beginning to get an idea. It's all very different, but none of it is bad.

Breathing through the changes.

Link Soup
* Why Wearing Mini-Skirts is a Feminist Issue. No, really, trust me, keep reading.
* Frank Turner's on tour! Who's coming to the Cambridge show November 2 with me?

Daily Science
A notable prevalence of childhood abuse – physical, sexual, verbal, or emotional – in migraine patients has been observed and documented over the last few years. In fact, it has emerged as a significant enough issue for the American Headache Society to devote an entire plenary session to it at its annual scientific conference in Washington this week.

I find this really interesting. I mean, anecdotally, a lot of migraineurs I know are survivors, but I have some major sampling error going on. The plural of anecdote is not data. Still, I'd never considered this, even though long-term childhood abuse has been known to cause brain damage.

The humidity will be less oppressive today - hopefully that means I'll have the energy to get stuff done after work today! The house is a wreck. Plus I have a bunch of tabs open here that need to get dealt with. And that writing thing. No evening plans.
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