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Scheherazade in Blue Jeans
freelance alchemist
Tew's Day 
17th-May-2011 07:46 am
27 days.

Happy birthday to goddessfarmer and ydnic!

State of the 'Song
Really, I need to be using this mostly-not-spoken-for week to get my head back together a bit. So thank goodness for this week! O unlucky me, I'm the one person at BARCC who's strongly affected by the April rush and doesn't get a break after it until mid-June. This week at work = getting a lot of back-end stuff done for volunteer training. Next week, between Staff Day and Wiscon, I'm only in the office two days. The week after, I have four days (really three) to get all of the materials for the training in order and bundled and out the door to our other office, then it's Survivor Speaker training that Saturday and Volunteer Training all the next week, and then there is a weekend, and then sindrian is back.

Yes, between lots of work and Wiscon and doctor appointments and parties, I have a grasp on what I'm doing every day til sindrian gets back. That's how close that is!

Sindrian & 'Song's Epic Party, July 9!

We have been posting about this for months, but we finally scraped together an Official Invitation. Hey, we've been busy!

From the Facebook event: "It's sindrian's birthday - and we'll also be welcoming him home to Boston! ♥ Shira's party was pre-empted due to mass Bostonian illness, so this is a *joint* birthday party chock-full of wacky hijinks!

We'll be starting off the day with Twelfth Night - claim your role now! And we'll continue with potluck dinner, a Juliana Finch house concert, general ridiculousness yet to be determined, and firespinning if we can find a place for it."

And we may have a special surprise house concert guest in addition to the wonderful Juliana. Fingers crossed that it works out and I can tell you soon.

So RSVP on Facebook!

No Link Soup
Because lack of time.

Daily Science
Evidence of a Global Magma Ocean in Io’s Interior.

Work work work and I need to write more Shayara WTD! Not going to Diesel tonight - like I said, time grows short, and we actually have a ton to do. Purging the results of our spring cleaning = the big thing right now - we need to haul that all down from the reading room, then do a purge on the reading room, and hopefully on Adam's home office as well. That's really got to be this afternoon/tonight. Oh, lucky Elayna, to walk in to "Oh good, you're home! Grab a trash bag."
17th-May-2011 10:05 pm (UTC)
I have yarn for two blogathon auction items. Now just need tendonitis from knitting too much this weekend to settle down.

Also, Kyth and kin are wonderful! I have many new shinies! (the Big Important Custom piece is pictured over at my blog). Thank you for introducing me to such wonders as Wyrding Studios.
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