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31 days.

Happy birthday to jadasc and redfishie!

State of the 'Song
Wishing this was a 1-5 workday instead of a 9-1. *yawn* Otherwise fine.

Cat Emergency Network: New England
slipjig says, "We still have not found a place for rafaela's two mellow adult cats, Sunny and Lucy. None of the local no-kill shelters (in either locality) have any available openings, and the felines need to be moved this weekend."

Cats are currently in Glens Falls, NY; contact slipjig at that link for info!

Yay Music!
Thanks y'all! At my earliest opportunity I will be listening to your everything. Also I would love your mix CDs. :)

Link Soup
* Pomsky. I die of cute.
* Interview about The Microaggressions Project.

Daily Science
The protein that makes us remember pain.

Friday Memeage!
Wearing: Black cowlneck - long sleeves again, Boston, WTH - and jeans. I am ponytailed today because I couldn't quite cope with the idea of washing my hair today. (I have a lot of hair again.)
Reading: Still The Information.
Writing: Shayara WTD when I can get to it. Two down, six to go!
Knitting: Almost done with my Sekrit Knitting. After that, either more Sekrit Knitting or a baby blanket.
Planning: Today is work, writing, whatever else I can get done, and Bellona, Destroyer of Cities.
Tomorrow: The Un-Official Guide to Audience Watching Performance and Grand Theft Ovid. Dinner in Harvard Square after, probably.
Sunday: Dress fitting with the lifesaving fiddle_dragon, then The Momentum and Beowulf: A Thousand Years of Baggage.

Uh, yeah, it is a theatre-packed weekend, whee! This is my one-week-delayed Mother's Day celebration, I have declared. W00t.


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