Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Odin's Day

33 days.

Happy birthday to crewgrrl!

State of the 'Song
Being home whilst healthy yesterday was weird. Got a lot done, though.

Link Soup
* Domism: Role Essentialism and Sexism Intersectionality in the BDSM Scene
* Poem of the day.
* Somewhat addicted to recipe posts. Cannot wait for sindrian, who enjoys cooking, to return.

Daily Science
Like gravity, the strong interaction is a fundamental force of nature. It is the essential "glue" that holds atomic nuclei—composed of protons and neutrons— together to form atoms, the building blocks of nearly all the visible matter in the universe. Despite its prevalence in nature, researchers are still searching for the precise laws that govern the strong force. However, the recent discovery of an extremely exotic, short-lived nucleus called fluorine-14 in laboratory experiments may indicate that scientists are gaining a better grasp of these rules.

Work, writing I hope. I have a few evening-plan options, but may opt for home instead.
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