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35 days.

Happy birthday to hooks_and_books!

Hello to new reader ldyanna!

State of the 'Song
Getting to sleep in this morning really helped, I think. But I think much of this week will be spent in recovery mode. Having tomorrow off entirely will hopefully get me most of the way back to me.

Here's Jaclyn's speech, and here's the AP video. The AP article is totally lazy, skip that. The Herald's story is surprisingly decent, and also they quote Dave.

My speech was captured on video too, right up to the point where it started raining. I'm not ready to link that directly, but you have an internet. If you do dig it up, keep in mind that this is not my usual speech. My usual speech is longer and gives more details and has a 25-minute Q&A period, and I say a lot of things in this one that I'd never say elsewhere because they're situationally relevant. So this is not an accurate representation of my usual survivor speech - this is an abbreviated speech modified for a high-energy rally. Impassioned rather than meditative.

... oh fine, I will stop being cagey about it. It's here. You don't have to watch it, and it's fine if you don't. If you do, and want to talk about it later, that's also fine, but please understand if I ask if we can talk about it another time, as I am unsurprisingly not always in the mood for that conversation and sometimes just really want to talk about anything but.

It started pouring there at the end; all you're missing is the reiteration that it had nothing to with what I was wearing and the shout-out to fellow survivors that it didn't have a damn thing to do with what they were wearing, and, y'know, solidarity and call to action, I don't even remember. And then there was wooing and everyone crowded into the gazebo and I had to talk to a lot of people. Including the New York Times, so that's a thing. They photographed me, too. A lot of people photographed me. Trying to cope with that. Hey, my shoulders look broad in that shirt without my hair on 'em. (It was a bit windy at that point.) Um. I don't think I sound twelve, which I usually think I do, so that's a thing? My full name is used in the video, too, which is also a thing. I generally get introduced by my first name only, and as just a speaker, not as staff, just to make it a little harder for people I speak to to track me down later, but I think the organizer was just defaulting to full names and forgot that I said "just Shira" - it's her first big event, and it's a doozy. I'm not mad, I'm just like "Well! okay I may be getting some Facebook friend requests here."

Oh yeah, and the counter-protest people did show up, dressed as pimps. My friend Rayshauna and I engaged with them in a calm way, pointing out that one cannot fight sexism using racist stereotypes; yes, honey, I know you say you're being ironic, but the viewer doesn't know that; no, we're not calling you racist, we're saying that you are using racist stereotypes. Yes, we understand that you have memorized the Facebook profile of the walk and can regurgitate it on command; here's a cookie. No, we don't believe "some of those women" thought you were literally planning to kidnap people off the street. I know what you're doing, I like your T-shirt, have a swell day!

They walked with the walk. They were at the edge of the crowd when I got up to speak - and when I started and it became clear what I was talking about, they scarpered. I don't know if it's because they realized that it had been the survivor speaker educating them earlier and were like "oh shit, that's who we talked back to?", but I would dearly love to think so.

EDIT: Rules about linking to the video of my speech:
* It is a free internet. Do as you will. It's already up there, and if it can help you get the message out, go ahead and use it.
* If you choose to link to it on Facebook, please do not tag me. You can use my name, just don't tag me. Because if you do, my dad will see it, my daughter and her friends will see it, my aunts and cousins will see it, and I have not yet come to a decision on whether or not that's okay. Let me decide that in my own time.

Link Soup
* If you didn't see on Friday, I have a story up.
* Also, popelizbet has an awesome poem up!
* Inventables - super hella cool.

Daily Science
Zombie ants have fungus on the brain.

Ooof, it has taken so much for me to get moving this morning! Must shower now, and do a little writing if I've time. I work this afternoon because I have Peer Supe tonight.
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