Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong


38 days.

State of the 'Song
Exhausted. Well, I did work a double yesterday.

State of the WTD
Today I hope, I am sorry, I am still having April madness overflow. I really wish I had this weekend off, but I so do not.

You may get morose-'song anyway, be warned. I'm stuck on the prompt "bells" and my brain won't go past it.

All the Speeches Ever
My speech Saturday will be my fourth survivor speech in three weeks. Generally I might do four in a year. This is a lot of that really close together. The speeches are awesome to do, they help a lot of people, et cetera, but I can't say that self-eviscerating in rapid succession like that is a thing that I would like to do again. Fortunately, we're having a survivor speaker training in June, so we'll have a few more people to take on gigs and I can go back to couple-times-a-year. Basically, I regret nothing, but I'll be happy to take a month off (I'll be speaking at the training in June).

No Link Soup Today
Because I was not really internetting yesterday.

Daily Science
Oddities in the rotation of Saturn's largest moon Titan might add to growing evidence that it harbors an underground ocean, researchers suggest.

Friday Memeage!
Wearing: Last year I found a button-down shirt that actually fit so I bought it in six colors. Today I am wearing that in purple, plus jeans.
Reading: Between books, but about to be The Information by James Gleick.
Writing: The crafters' guide to Shayara, and I need to do WTD.
Knitting: At the end of Nerd Wars, I had an attack of startitis. Baby blanket for a co-worker, wrap in purple/blue for me/Elayna, and the priority: sekrit knitting for a beloved friend.
Today: Work, writing, seeing hammercock in Yeomen of the Guard.
Tomorrow: Slutwalk! My speech is ~1:30-2:00? But I'll stay for the after-party, as much as I can.
Sunday: Mother's Day! And as far as I know I have no plans. *eyes family*

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