Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Roller-coaster wheee?

This morning: Stress over SlutWalk counterprotest (clearly) plus a bit of a tailspin on something that is not a public thing - related to which, I am in positions in a few areas of my life right now that are really awkward and difficult and the ones I can talk about, people wince and look horrified and sympathetic when I tell them about 'em. So just, y'know, keep in mind that I am walking several tightropes simultaneously. WHEEomg.

This afternoon:
* Found out that the counterprotest had been disbanded. Whut? Really? Awesome! So there could still be hecklers, and my speech will probably still end up on YouTube (note: I took this gig because I can be okay with not having confidentiality), but there's not an organized counterprotest. I feel a lot less stressy now.

* Fight Night BARCC fundraiser: In Massachusetts alone, 4,418 adolescents and adults are sexually assaulted each year – that is 12 individuals each day and one every two hours. “Enough! Stand tall against sexual violence” is the message send out by a group of female fighters and REDLINE FIGHT SPORTS in Cambridge. On the 21st of May, proceeds from an all female-fight night will benefit the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center to help those who experienced sexual violence and their families. Boxing, Sanda and Muay Thai Kickboxing matches by female fighters from REDLINE FIGHT SPORTS and other gyms from the Boston area and beyond the state of MA will symbolize a fight for change.

Time and Date: On the 21st of May, doors open at 7pm with fights starting at 7:30pm ($10 donation). Refreshments, a raffle, and other goods will be available. Spectators will have a chance to make their own signs to cheer for these tough women and to shout out their own message against sexual violence. Get ready for some noise as this event will surely not be a quiet one!

Location Address and Description: REDLINE FIGHT SPORTS is located in Central Square at 614 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambrige, MA 02139 (right next to the liquor store and left to the Bank of America ATM & CVS). Look out for the REDLINE Fight Sports sign above the door.

Y'all, I get to give a speech from the ring! Not my survivor speech, just a general "here's what BARCC is and does and here's the awesome impact y'all are having and you ROCK" speech. To kick things off.

The office is selecting a fight name for me. SRS BIZNESS.

I did not get to WTD, clearly - that tailspin put me in a morose mood, and I did not want to inflict that on you. But I got started on the Shayara guide for People Who Want To Make Stuff for Blogathon. It will be long.

Now I go prep for tonight's info session!
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