Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Thoughts on Bin Laden

My thoughts on Bin Laden's death are complex. I'm not rejoicing. I'm not condemning. I'm just -

I have an overdeveloped sense of justice, you see. And I would have wanted Bin Laden arrested and made to stand trial. And then the punishment. After the trial.

What would it have cost us to put him on trial? The evidence is overwhelming; it's not like he's somehow going to go free.

But the naive core of me sees us going in and assassinating someone in the middle of the night and thinks "But that's not what the good guys do."

And I know, I know, after everything I've personally been through, after everything I see on a daily basis, I still believe that humans should be better? Yes. Yes. I have to believe.

I know Bin Laden was a murderer. I knew my rapist was a rapist, but I didn't give my violent-offender "little brother" his address.

And yeah, that's what's on my mind today. Not least because I'm giving a survivor speech at 1, but.

We don't go off on our own and kill. Even if the person has it coming.

We are supposed to be better.

This is a part of myself that gets exercised in Shayara, I guess. In Book Three especially, where Julia is learning how to rule. We're supposed to do it right. There's no reason not to do it right. I wish we had done it right.

(Every so often I go Lawful Good and surprise myself.)

I'm reluctantly leaving comments open. I'm going to be out all afternoon and evening. PLEASE be respectful of others in here, as many of my readers have wildly differing opinions. Assholitude towards others (note: assholitude is very different from disagreement, and don't play games, if you're being a dick you know you're being a dick) and anti-Arab or anti-Muslim rhetoric is grounds for banning. I have so little patience for people going ragemonstery on people who are not exactly like them, you do not even know. Paladin 'Song will smite you off her LJ kthxbye.
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