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Scheherazade in Blue Jeans
freelance alchemist
How very much am I looking forward to tomorrow? Not at all, thanks. 
1st-May-2011 11:30 pm
So yeah, I'll be at work 9-12:45, doing a survivor speech with Q&A 1-2, lunch 2-3, going to a lecture on Collective Intelligence 3:30-5:00, then dinner with fellow volunteers 6-8. At the very least, this is all happening in a one-mile radius. But there's wardrobe to consider (professional vulnerable friendly authoritative) and a temperature variance of high forties to mid sixties if the weather people are not drunk or high. Transferring bags because my Baba Studios messenger bag's handle snapped Thursday (that was fun), so making sure I have a big notebook for lecture notes, knitting of a reasonable size for the bus + if it's not a note-takey lecture (beginnings of a baby blanket). Also I'll need a book.

My least favorite sort of thing, this day, this week.

Also pulling together our June training and the info and interview sessions for it, which start this thursday. It's astounding. Time is Fleeting. I am on a lot of sleep drugs. I'mma tap out now.
2nd-May-2011 03:29 am (UTC)
She's tapped out!
We have a new champion!!!

(Sorry, I'm a little wired. More seriously, get some rest. I send soothing vibes.)
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