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Scheherazade in Blue Jeans
freelance alchemist
29th-Apr-2011 08:49 am
45 days.

Happy early birthday to novelfriend and [Unknown LJ tag], who advance a year over the weekend!

State of the 'Song
ZOMG tired, and still trying to escape migraine backwash. Working through prodrome is a terrible, terrible idea, but I've missed so much work this winter...

Kicking Into Gear
May = when I do everything I didn't have time for in April, plus everything I need to do to prepare for sindrian's triumphant return. So much to do. At least I won't be sitting around pouting counting the hours.

My Empire for Ashes
I am concerned about my lack of ability to get writing done after work; having three days of 1-5 work this week has rather saved me ass, but the usual is work 9-1, so I need to figure some stuff out. My brain just gets so tired. I don't have trouble writing 9-12 and then working 1-5, because work uses different parts of my brain that are easier to access and don't require as much of me. But when I get home at 2, my brain has been taxed and I'm tired and I've walked a few miles and there's a bed right there.

Anyway. I have today and tomorrow, and this is still doable.

Link Soup
* The Ten Best and Worst Comic-Book Princesses.
* Which led me to the Gemworld tumblr.
* That's what she said.
* Another great post from Sady: Treating Girls Like Women: Sexualization and Precocious Puberty.

Daily Science
The first stars that dotted the universe were not only immense, but probably also fast-spinning, according to a new study that sheds light on the nature of stellar evolution.

Friday Memeage!
Wearing: Cloudy-sky shortie pajamas.
Reading: The Canon, by Natalie Angier.
Writing: My Empire for Ashes.
Knitting: A basic garter-stitch triangular shawl with eyelets thrown in when I feel like it.
Planning: Today is writing and a workshop on community mobilization. Tomorrow is writing and making Adam read the revisions.

29th-Apr-2011 02:27 pm (UTC)
I feel ya in regards to the working through the prodrome. That was me yesterday. I'm about sick of these headaches, but not a durn thing can be done to avoid. It's all about coping.

But yay for Friday, yes?
29th-Apr-2011 05:13 pm (UTC)
I'm just going to pretend that unknown LJ tag is me.
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