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Thor's Day

46 days.

Farewell, Haiku
feste_sylvain's marvellous little-old-man cat, my second-favorite cat in the world, has gone from this world. It was his time and he made that clear to everyone, but it's still heartbreaking.

State of the 'Song/My Empire for Ashes
Spent yesterday doing battle with migraine, so curled up in bed instead of writing.

On the plus side, got my first full night of sleep last night.

State of the Jack
I have discovered how to make Jack lick his face and swallow his medicine!

We bundle him in a towel, you see, but he still fights like hell. I'm actually really good at aiming the syringe and shooting it down his throat to quickly for him to react, but there are also times when that doesn't work, and then we're wiping up the floor or holding his mouth closed saying "lick it, lick it," as we try not to let too much run out of the corner of his mouth.

So today was one of those days. "Lick it, Jack, lick it!" And he wouldn't. And I tapped his head and said "Lick it!" and licked my own mouth exactly the way I wanted him to lick his, quick swipe of my tongue in the center of my upper lip.

And he did it.

I looked at Adam, then back at Jack, and did it again.

Jack did it again.

So now I know. Cat mimics me. Hopefully this will work tonight.

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Link Soup
* I'm just saying, if you wanted to get me a Mother's Day gift or something, fudge.
* Great series of posts about migraines.
* Ooooh, I want to walk in these caves.
* Best X-Men trailer yet.
* Someone did the math on Rainbow Dash's Sonic Rainboom. (If you don't know what that mean, you need MOAR PONY.)

Daily Science
It's an eye test with a quantum twist: physicists have used humans to detect the results of a quantum phenomenon for the first time.

Same as it ever was, work/writing. Just two things left to expand. If I can get one done today and the other tomorrow, I can do the full readover and polish Saturday...
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