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Odin's Day

47 days.

Happy birthday to nomadmwe, tonysalieri, and varkat!

State of the 'Song
A bit more sleep last night than the previous two. Fighting a catamenial migraine, though.

State of My Empire for Ashes
The end is actually in sight, I think. I have two big things left to expand. Then the read-through to see if I made sense and didn't repeat myself, because, you know, novel revision! This is a new thing! But I'm on track.

Rally and Hearing
4pm is an awkward time for a rally. So we didn't have as many people as we'd hoped for. But my co-workers got a rare glimpse of What I Do as I threaded through the crowd introducing them to so-and-so from Harvard or Emerson or UMass, because yes, if I speak at your Take Back the Night or do a workshop with your class, I am going to do my level best to remember you, and that paid off especially well yesterday.

Also I was given a bucket of candy and set to herding passers-by into the rally in a bouncy friendly way. We decided I was a corgi.

The hearing, however, was amazing. We had more people there, I think - or maybe the same number of people (some left, some arrived) in a more confined space? But as I texted sindrian last night, I felt like it was a night of small revolutionary moments. This was the city council, BARCC, Boston PD, the attorney general's office, survivors, and I don't know who spoke after I left but I'll find out today, all deeply committed to making Boston better, safer, more supportive. It's the same feeling I get from the Walk for Change - that yay! of being around a lot of people who also want change.

I'll be writing about this for the BARCC blog.

And then I got to come home and watch Becca KICK ASS on The Voice! Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine fought over who got her on their team! *bounce* *bounce* You should buy her song on iTunes, because all of the best "holy crap she has a Voice" moments are later in the song and didn't make it to air and you wanna hear.

Link Soup
* Dudes! Can anyone make a talking plush turret like this for Elayna? It has to say "My name is Caroline. Remember that."
* Boston Strowlers! Come see Sharon Knight, Kellianna, and Wendy Rule in Cambridge on July 1!
* Boston theatregoers! You should go see hammercock in Yeomen of the Guard!

Daily Science
Astronomers may now know the cause of an historic supernova explosion that is an important type of object for investigating dark energy in the universe. The discovery, made using NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory, also provides strong evidence that a star can survive the explosive impact generated when a companion star goes supernova.

Same as it ever was. Well, this week. Work, writing if I don't crash out from headache. No evening plans, so if I do crash out, that plan shifts.
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