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Happy birthday to rfreebern and ktempest!

Happy belated birthday to dpolicar and kradical!

State of the 'Song
Frazzled, but physically okay.

(tl;dr for people who didn't see last night: Our cat is in hospital for a dental abscess and probably a broken jaw, estimate is $1K-$1.8K, prognosis unknown, raising money, click "jack" tag for details.)

To those who've chipped in already, thank you so much.

We won't have an update on Jack for a while; the hope is that they have time to operate on him today (they said it depends on the schedule) and that we get to pick him up tonight.

So far auctionwise we have jewelry from kythryne and sihaya09, custom jewelry from rivenwanderer, a scarf from ginskye, and stuff from me and Adam, TBA. Auctions will get set up this afternoon. Thank you so much, y'all. I haven't had to ask for assistance in quite some time, but this happened at the same time as one equivalent bill and one for twice this much, and it just ain't there.

I've set the fundraising goal as the high side of their estimate. Last time one of our cats had surgery, it exceeded the high estimate. :( If for some wonderful reason Jack actually ends up costing less than the funds raised, excess funds will be diverted to the send-Elayna-to-Explo fund. Donors, please let me know if that's not okay.

Question: Should I create a separate auction community? Or keep it here?

Wind Tunnel Dreams will start this afternoon, as I don't have time to write before work.

So Otherwise
Otherwise, I had a very productive weekend. I realized early Saturday that I was actually having a stress/anxiety reaction whenever I thought about writing or sat down at my computer for any reason - so instead I hauled everything out of my closet, cleaned, reorganized, et cetera. The reading room upstairs is full of stuff for clothing swaps (when are we having one?) and Freecycle, and my parts of the bedroom are spotless. I got Adam and Elayna working on theirs on Sunday and early Monday, until Jack showed up drooling. So there's significant progress.

Link Soup
* Apparently you can list your house as a venue for house concerts. Musicians, anyone use this? Not sure if I want to sign up, or just leave myself as a host just for my friends... speaking of which, people who were at the Rebecca Loebe/Raine Rose house concert, Rebecca's going to be on The Voice!
* I would actually totally wear these pajama sets. They're like Underoos for grownups!
* I'm not the only one who needs financial help - buy books from norilana!
* Glad I never went to Sleep no More.

Daily Science
In a real-life use of Schrödinger's theoretical paradoxical cat, researchers report that they were able to quickly transfer a complex set of quantum information while preserving its integrity. The information, in the form of light, was manipulated in such a way that it existed in two states at the same time, and it was destroyed in one spot and recreated in another. The new breakthrough is a major step toward building safe, effective quantum computers.

Well, everything depends upon Jack. My tentative plans = work, writing Wind Tunnel Dreams for Jack, and continuing the expansion of My Empire for Ashes. I had dinner-and-movie plans with feste_sylvain (and I need to get with thewronghands on when I can see her), but all is in flux depending on when we get the call about Jack and what the call says.
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