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Scheherazade in Blue Jeans
freelance alchemist
Thor's Day 
14th-Apr-2011 07:29 am
Happy birthday to rachel_swirsky!

State of the 'Song
The weather can stop changing any time now. *wince*

One of These Days
I'm going to liveblog my whole day, with work-confidential bits redacted, just 'cause. Today, FYI, started with Elayna's alarm failing to go off and both Elayna and Adam cadging money off me (so it's a good thing I used trowa_barton as an ATM Tuesday).

Stuff in the Works
That I am not mentioning yet FYI. Nothing bad.

Link Soup
* Yay, new Goblin Fruit!
* The schmuck in NC who sold regular bread as gluten-free, making a lot of people very sick, got 11 years in jail. I am impressed!
* Let's start a conversation about street harassment.
* "Masculinities, hip-hop and how I got schooled at the CLPP Conference". The first paragraph makes me go "oh, honey." But the article is good.

Daily Science
Anybody who's slept with me already knows this: A new study shows that, rather than being an "all or nothing" phenomenon, regions of the human brain go silent at different times through the night, losing their ability to communicate during certain phases of sleep.

Work. Today needs to be a knitting day instead of a writing day - Elayna's scarf needs to be done and blocked by ~5pm tomorrow. I'll be doing a survivor speech at MIT's Take Back the Night, and will be hang-out-able on the Red Line after that.
14th-Apr-2011 12:19 pm (UTC)
In fairness, the money Elayna cadged was technically cadged off of you last Friday. And I forgot the money I cadged off you (fortunately, I had enough change for the train floating around my backpack).
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