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Because I've been asked numerous times lately, and I have recently come to a decision:

Yes, I am doing Blogathon this year!

(Gods help us all.)

What and when: Blogathon is 9am July 30 through 9am July 31, no sleep til Brooklyn. 48 posts in 24 hours, to raise money for charity.

Auction: Enough people have asked what/when/how they can donate stuff that yes, the auction is happening again! fiddle_dragon is going to see about making a functional auction program so we don't have a repeat of last year's clusterfuckery. If it is not done to our satisfaction a month before the auction (hey, we're both busy), I will run the auction on blogforbarcc again. If I end up doing that, I'll be begging for a Lovely Assistant to help keep the bidding straightened out. The auction will, as always, run from the Monday before the 'thon to the Monday after.

Theme: Since I'll have finished My Empire for Ashes and be hip-deep in writing Book One of Shayara at that point, the theme of my fiction posts and auction items will be Shayara. Hopefully sometime this week, I'll post a list of jumping-off points for those unfamiliar with Shayara; if nothing else, every House has a color, so if you make a random green scarf I can tie it in to a House Tamra ficlet! But there's a lot more to draw on, and I shall give it to you. If you can't think of any way to tie what you want to make into Shayara, that's okay, I will Find a Way. It's more important to me that I raise a pile of money for BARCC than that you give me an exact replica of the torc Isobel wore in the 1300s, I promise.

Co-Bloggers: Who's with me? Go Team Venture!

Pit Crew: Adam will take 9am-5pm, sindrian will take 5pm-1am, and I'm assuming feste_sylvain will take his traditional 1am-9am, but I'll check. You can be pit crew too, but you have to check in with me and not just show up, because if five of you decide to come over around dinnertime, that's too much of a crowd! Gotta space you out! Responsibilities of pit crew include making sure the bloggers are fed, watered, and moving around enough. People managing food will have access to a spreadsheet with data on allergies, sensitivities, and preferences. I do not expect everyone to remember everything!

Any questions?
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