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April Schedule

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. BE AWARE.

No, seriously, be aware because you should be aware anyway, but also because I will be worn to a frazzle. The schedule beneath this cut-tag is very incomplete, because requests for workshops and speaking engagements are flooding in and I don't know which or how many I'm doing yet. But. This will fill up considerably.

So between that, expanding a novella to novel-size, and working on the next novel, there will be times when I am crispy-fried and will just really need some nice mild social time. And also times when you ask if I'd like to get coffee and I'll be like "AAAUGH BUSY". But I'd rather be asked than not, for the record.

Ordinary weekday schedule: Work 9-1, writing 3-5.

Things in italics = things I'd like company for!

April 1: I'd like to see Chautauqua!.

April 2: World Pillow Fight Day and a friend's party.
April 3:

April 4:
April 5: Clothesline Project Display at South Station, 6:30-9:00am. Potentially til 11, we'll see. Diesel.
April 6:
April 7:
April 8: Adam's birthday! Dinner out, probably.

April 9: 'nother party!
April 10: BARCC Walk for Change!

April 11: BARCC: advance screening of Trust.
April 12:
April 13: Rogue Burlesque
April 14:
April 15: Madame Tullule's Grand Fiasco

April 16: Elayna's HSSP concert
April 17: Boston Skillshare?

April 18:
April 19:
April 20:
April 21:
April 22:

April 23:
April 24:

April 25: BARCC: Peer Supe
April 26:
April 27:
April 28:
April 29:

April 30:
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