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Tew's Day

State of the 'Song
Still tired-but-improving.

My Daughter is a Badass.
I worked from 1-5 yesterday, so I was uncharacteristically not hope whe she got home. She Gchatted me: "Can I go to the town budget meeting to speak against the proposed budget cuts to the elementary school band?"

*blink* Yes, dear. Yes, you can.

Six kids from high school band attended; three, including Elayna, spoke. Elayna speechified. She quoted studies and she told anecdotes, because she knows that different people respond to different things. When the town council pulled "what would you prefer, no music or bigger class sizes?", she informed them that they were setting up a false dichotomy. Child has learned stuff from me fighting with people on the internet. She can tell a strawman at 50 paces.

I am so totally proud of her.

Because, y'know, whatever about technique. But the kid's first instinct when she heard about the band being cut was to go in and protest it. She immediately defaulted to standing up and speaking out.

So I feel like I don't suck at this parenting stuff, is what I'm saying.

Also that my daughter is just a total badass who fights for stuff she believes in.

Is April 10! SPONSOR ME! And it's not too late to join Team Venture!

Link Soup, Daily Science Edition
* The hypothetical dark flow seen in the movement of galaxy clusters requires that we can reliably identify a clear statistical correlation in the motion of distant objects which are, in any case, flowing outwards with the expansion of the universe and may also have their own individual (or peculiar) motion arising from gravitational interactions.

* Shortly after experiments on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at the CERN laboratory near Geneva, Switzerland began yielding scientific data last fall, a group of scientists led by a Syracuse University physicist became the first to observe the decays of a rare particle that was present right after the Big Bang. By studying this particle, scientists hope to solve the mystery of why the universe evolved with more matter than antimatter. (No, not the Higgs.)

* If common anticonvulsant drugs fail to manage epileptic seizures, then perhaps the anti-inflammatory route is the way to go. That's according to Mattia Maroso and colleagues from the Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research in Milan, Italy, who found that giving mice repeated doses of a specific enzyme inhibitor significantly reduced both chronic epileptic activity and acute seizures. (This is potentially huge, if it translates to humans.)

Work, hopefully writing. There's a parent meeting tonight about the band's trip to NYC, but Elayna thinks that's just a "give the parents the info packet" thing; she's going to find out if I really have to go or if she can just bring me the packet. I've had almost zero social interaction for what, a week and a half? so I'm hoping I can get out to Diesel, but that'll depend.
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