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Hello to new reader samuraizergling!

State of the 'Song
Mostly better. Still more easily tired, but otherwise pretty normal.

Further on the State of the 'Song
I have a whole lot of thinky thoughts right now - mostly on balance and time and figuring out what's most important. Big thoughts! Big ponderings! Too big for this post!

Things I Want to Do but Haven't Time For
* Start a zine for parents of offbeat teenagers.
* Start a Boston-area reading series/salon.

SOMEBODY PLEASE DO THAT SECOND ONE. One night a month? Music, readings, making stuff, food? Yes?

Click to sponsor! The Walk is but a few weeks away, and I am but halfway to my goal!

Link Soup
* Zoe Keating yay.
* Previews of the crew for America's Best Dance Crew. My money's on IaMmE.
* Honey badger don't care. Expect to hear me saying "Honey badger don't care! Honey badger don't give a shit!" for a while.
* Awesome bystander action!
* The art of "no".
* Rape culture: there's hope.

Daily Science
Advanced technology reveals activity of single neurons during seizures.

Writing, work, Peer Supe. Although I'm iffy on Peer Supe given that Adam's not home and Elayna may require assistance.

Goals for This Week
* Finish medium edits on My Empire for Ashes.
* Finish Grandma's scarf and start Elayna's.
* Have the two coffee-or-whatever meetings I need to have.
* Five things I have been putting off - one per weekday is fine, blasting through several in a day is also fine.
* There are also BARCC-work goals, of course.
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