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Scheduling myself

I have a wee small filter I used to use for this, but in case anyone is curious. I actually wrote out my schedule for once, on the Post-It Principle: if your schedule for the day fits on a Post-It, it is not horribly unreasonable. (If you need three Post-Its, evaluate the decisions you have made and have a cuppa tea.) This is not a usual schedule, as I'm usually at work half the day. Plus this one is scaled towards the sedentary because I'm still sick.

LiveJournal interview
BARCC e-mail
Medium-sized My Empire for Ashes edits (which I've been dragging my feet about)
edited up to page 15, adding over 1K in requested elaborations; stopping now because the kid is due home.
New bio for ChiZine
Interview-ish thing for Jaclyn Friedman's new book
Check out and give opinion on someone's poetry
Edit someone's short story (I have already done this one in my head)
E-mail editor six kajillion questions about art (cover, interior, trading cards)
Answer 5 backlogged e-mails

Things have piled up shamefully.

Other data: Temp is 99.2 (baseline temp is 97); peak airflow is 300 (up from 225 on Monday, but I was really hoping for at least 400 by now).
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