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Scheherazade in Blue Jeans
freelance alchemist
Quick meme before bed 
9th-Mar-2011 10:52 pm
Places I've lived, by-the-decade version:

March 2011: The top two stories of a two-family house in Watertown, MA, with Adam, Elayna, and three cats.

March 2001: A townhouse in Pembroke Pines, FL; the only house I've owned. With Elayna and one cat (Max). I believe that my ex-husband had moved out by then. I moved to Atlanta in June 2001.

March 1991: A wilderness survival camp in Utah. Closer to Cedar City than to anything else, I'm pretty sure. Sleeping bag and a tarpaulin "tent". With about 20 other adolescent bad seeds. I would end up living in Kanab, UT for most of the rest of 1991 and half of 1992, in a group home.

March 1981: Cooper City, FL with my parents and sister and our dalmation. Single-family home with a swimming pool. The first house I actually remember.

1971 I wasn't born yet.

In between, I've lived in:

Goldsboro, NC
Las Vegas, NV
Kingman, AZ
Davie, FL
and Atlanta, GA.

Of them all, Boston is my favorite ever.
10th-Mar-2011 07:28 am (UTC)
My paternal grandparents lived in Pembroke Pines for a while. I don't remember ever visiting them there, although I may have once or twice; my memory SUCKS.
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