Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
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Happy birthday to the amazing stealthcello!

State of the 'Song
Still worn to a frazzle.

Birthday Weekend
Was exactly as low-key as I needed it to be. Bone-tired 'song = not up for too much activity. Muppets and 1,000 Blank White Cards = just right.

Sponsor me in BARCC's Walk for Change! And if you're local, walk with Team Venture!

Link Soup
* More Wonder Woman upfuckery - of course the villain is bi. It's not like that's a trope or anything.
* New Brust story!
* More nifty street art.
* Ohhhh my goodness, the Dune activity books.
* Badhkns and the origin of Jewish humor.
* More on Penny Arcade.

Daily Science
Now we're working on cars you can drive with your brain.

Work. After work... I am thinking that I really need to designate one day per week to do non-writing things, like medical stuff and catching up on e-mail and house stuff. Because otherwise all of that bleeds into and nibbles away at my writing time. I may make Mondays that day, because I have a ton of crap to do.

Yes, I really have to schedule stuff like e-mail and calling doctors. I'm raising a teenager, working part-time, volunteering part-time, managing several medical things and several other volunteer gigs, writing a novel, keeping up on other writing stuff, keeping house, attempting to maintain a social life, et cetera. Scheduling, man. Scheduling.

...I need a nap.
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