Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Wonder Woman

Okay, I am so confused by the upcoming Wonder Woman TV series.

The script is apparently cringeworthy. I got that.

What I don't get is the casting. Because we get Cary Elwes as the CEO of WW's company! Elizabeth Hurley as the villain! Traci Thoms as Etta Candy! Cool! Actual actors! I love Traci Thoms!

...and Generic Bimbo Starlet #43 as Wonder Woman.

Adam: "Who's Generic Bimbo Starlet #43 again?"
Me: "Exactly."

I don't understand. Did they blow their budget on the supporting actors? Why would you not hire a good actress for the lead role? HOLLYWOOD. WHUT.

For the record, I wanted Gina Torres. Now she would've been a kickass Wonder Woman.

EDIT: A few commenters haven't liked my phrasing on "bimbo", so I've changed it to "starlet", but kept "bimbo" in strikethrough so it doesn't look like I'm hiding my original phrasing. I maintain that they should've hired an actual actress, and that Torres would've kicked ass!

ALSO EDIT: If you are perturbed by me having opinions without making a 5,000-word post about why I have those opinions, read comments, where it's looking like I'm eventually going to hit 5,000 words anyway, which is augh because I'm really tired.

I will try to give you the bones of my issues:

All of the other actors have track records and known skill. I find it weird that the lead is the only actor who hasn't shown an ability to act - or I would, if she wasn't a Hollywood-pretty generic starlet. What this feels like to me is that it's okay to cast actors who are an eighth of an inch outside of the Hollywood Beauty Standard in supporting roles, but casting a non-generically-pretty actor as the female lead is a bridge too far, and I get really frustrated with that. I get frustrated with it in general - and yes, I do point it out whenever I see it; Elayna is very accustomed to viewing things critically by now! - but I get especially frustrated with it when this is a character who is supposed to be strong and have gravitas. There are so many very talented actresses out there who could rock this, and I wish it had gone to one of them. And the fact that the rest of the casting is really solid makes it even more annoying.
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