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Happy early birthday to maltor, who advances a year over the weekend!

State of the 'Song
Norovirus recovery is steady. But. Pain level shot up to a 7 yesterday. I'm hoping it's the weather shift that did it, that that's not the New Normal off Celebrex. I did have to take an emergency Celebrex (I have five), because I was not going to be able to cope without it. It helped somewhat. Today I'm at about a 4, I think. We'll see how this goes.

Birthday Party
Lots of people are sad about no Twelfth Night! Okay, guys - we can *try* Twelfth Night. Thing is just that I don't know if we have enough people. We'll see. Bring your copy (we'll have spares if you don't have a copy), and this could maybe happen.

Again, if you are sick, PLEASE DO NOT COME. If you're not sick, I'd love to see you! If you are sick, I would love to see you another time.

Link Soup
* Excellent post about a new study.
* I thought The Decemberists just sucked because they just sucked. Did not know how rapey their stuff is.
* Hipster Superheroines.
* Charlie Sheen Quotes Presented By Superheroes. Because when you have quotes like "I'm tired of pretending I'm not bitchin', a total frickin' rock star from Mars", of course you have to put that in the mouth of Martian Manhunter. Of course you do.

Daily Science
A surgeon specializing in regenerative medicine on Thursday "printed" a real kidney using a machine that eliminates the need for donors when it comes to organ transplants. "It's like baking a cake," Anthony Atala of the Wake Forest Institute of Regenerative Medicine said as he cooked up a fresh kidney on stage at a TED Conference in the California city of Long Beach..

FOR REALS. Also, "College student Luke Massella was among the first people to receive a printed kidney during experimental research a decade ago when he was just 10 years old."

We are not just talking about 3D-printing organs, we are actually doing it, and we have been doing it. We live in the future.

Friday Memeage
Wearing: Heathery green sweater and jeans. Grey knee-highs with sparrows on 'em.
Reading: Through the Drowsy Dark by Rachel Swirsky.
Writing: Shayara.
Knitting: A Rivolo scarf for my grandma's birthday (and the capillary action Nerd Wars challenge), and still the Hemlock Ring blanket.
Today: Work/writing/cleaning.
Tomorrow and Sunday: party.

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