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It's my birthday. Make a wish.

I do feel better for having ranted, thank you. For those who didn't see my edit, since the idea of sofa shopping stresses Adam out too, I'm going to politely but firmly refuse.

As for what I want most for my birthday:

I want you to sponsor me in the BARCC Walk for Change.

Because I don't just work for BARCC. Hell, I still volunteer here, as a community outreach volunteer and as a survivor speaker. I do it because I believe in dismantling rape culture through social change. I believe in what BARCC does. Hey, I man the phones; I see the ways we make a huge difference every day. So help us keep doing that. Sponsor me. Doesn't have to be a lot; throw in some coffee money or lunch money. It adds up, it really does.

And I'm re-running this from last year, edited.

Some of you may be as yet unaware of this, but - I have super awesome birthday powers. (So far today, I have used my powers to give Boston warmer weather. You're welcome.)

Yes! I do! On every birthday! But this birthday is DOUBLE AWESOME, because I am prime.

So this year... not only do my wishes come true. Yours do, too.

Yes! You get a birthday wish! On my birthday! SPECIAL BONUS. Also, your wish comes true even if you tell people what it is, so feel free to do so in comments.

*lights a candle on a cupcake and holds it out to you with both hands*

Make a wish. :)
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