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Happy birthday to me! I am once again prime. Make a note of it.

Happy birthday also to shugenja and ladysea!

State of the 'Song
Recovery is slow. Also I've run out of Celebrex and have not gotten to a new rheumatologist; I went through the "I feel like hammered shit" withdrawal last week, so this week, it's mostly just a low- to mid-grade ow. Except for my left hip, which is a big ow and for which I've just taken ibuprofen.

And yes, I'm sad and cranky still.

I am even cranky about gifts, because my parents have decided that their combined birthday gifts to me and Adam this year will be a new sofa and loveseat, hell, a whole living room set, one of those room deals with the giant flatscreen TV.

It should not surprise you, if you have been reading me for long, that their gifts to us are things we actively do not want. But my parents, they would like this stuff, so of course we must secretly want it.

Our sofa and loveseat both have cat-mangled arms. (Just one on each.) But otherwise, they are really very good and terribly comfy. I love my coffee table and will not replace it under any circumstances. We don't have room for the scattering of occasional tables that comes with sets like this.

And we really do not want a giant flatscreen TV.

The thing with the giant flatscreen TV is... it's a Thing at this point. We have a 27" old-style non-flatscreen. And every year for the past... three years? My parents and Adam's mom have been trying to force a giant flatscreen TV down our throats. I have no idea why they are so deeply invested in the giant flatscreen TV. At this point I'm thinking they have some sort of bet going on who will break us first.

Because when Dad told me they were getting us a new couch (which is how he responded to "I just sold a six-book series"; "Oh, nice, nice. Mom and I were thinking we'd get you a couch for your birthday."), I was like "uh, okay...I guess?" and he went straight to "they have those deals where if you buy a living room set you get a giant flatscreen TV."

It is all about the TV.

Which we totally don't even have room for.

But yes, my parents' gift to me is stuff that I don't want but they insist that I should have, presented in a way that puts all of the burdens on me (finding a way to remove the old couch and loveseat). At least they're consistent!

Later today I may develop and post a list of all the stuff I really want that I wish they would spend that money on instead.

EDIT: Given that Adam also gets stressed thinking about the sofa, I am going to politely but really firmly refuse to even go to the furniture store. I will tell them what a pain in the ass it would be and how expensive it will be for us to remove the couch, and tell them that we're hoping to move in a few years, so they can buy us a couch when we move if they really have to buy us a couch, but this is not the year for it.

And yeah, I know. FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS. Their damn couch budget could buy two sheep, four goats, a heifer and two llamas from The Heifer Project. And I am going to recommend that they direct some of it there.

Daily Science
Stronger than steel, novel metals are moldable as plastic.

Work, writing. Uncertain of dinner plans just yet. Adam and I are seeing Prometheus Bound tonight!
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