Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Tew's Day

Rabbit rabbit!

Happy birthday to ivymcallister, spoothbrush, emily_goddess!

State of the 'Song
Still worn to the bone.

Change of Birthday Party
Already changed it on Facebook, but:

Due to my superslow recovery and immune system fuckery, and a bunch of you being borderline sick... I don't have the energy for Epic, and we won't have enough people for Epic.

So Saturday's party have been scaled down. Now it is a movie marathon where the theme seems to be "We love you, Jim Henson!" Also there will be lasagna and cake. And also more stuff, but I insist upon lasagna and cake.

And here is an advance date grab: July 9. Double epic birthday party - because sindrian and I are sharing our birthday this year!

Nerd Wars
My knitting tournament challenges of this month:
* Knitting in public and/or yarnbombing
* Demonstrating capillary action
* Knitting a shield
* Knitting something inspired by "in like a lion, out like a lamb"
* Polytech challenge: use two or more different crafts, only one of which need be fiber arts.

The last one, I need y'all's help on: WIP help. "Your challenge is to finish a WIP for someone who can no longer do it themselves, from age, injury, or illness." Anyone local need a hand?

Daily Science
By working with Canadians of French ancestry who suffer a rare genetic disease, researchers have discovered how three genes contribute to abnormal growth, making a breakthrough that will improve our understanding of many disorders such as foetal and childhood growth retardation, abnormal development of body parts and cancer.

I'm going back to work today. I'd like to go to Diesel, but I'm not confident I'll feel well enough. Will update on that after work. EDIT: Yeah, I do not have the energy.
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