Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong


I'm at that point of recovery where I feel like I can do more than I can, so I need to be careful not to overdo.

On the plus side, I managed to eat a sandwich today! Yes, this is the first meal of any substance since Sunday night. I know.

On the minus side. *sigh*

Wednesday is my birthday. I had my usual weeklong revelry planned out. I'll be out of quarantine, but my energy level will in no way be up to even half of what I wanted to do. I'm currently agonizing over tomorrow night's Flogging Molly concert, which I think I could maybe handle if I was assured of a place to sit down for part or all of it, but I'm not sure that's an option.

Diesel and dinner after probably can't happen unless I get a ride, and even so, I don't know if that would be overdoing it to the point where I'd be too worn out on Wednesday to go to Prometheus Bound with Adam. Which I already have tickets for, so I'd have to pick that, even though it means seeing way fewer people.

I was pondering a small karaoke mob on Thursday, since people were disappointed that we didn't get to go last week, but that's out.

I've moved the Friday birthday plans over to my main party Saturday, and Sunday's a low-key game and craft day, so that's okay.

And I know that I'm PMSy (amusingly, I know this because someone I'm synced with posted that she was, and I'm like oh yeah), and also that I'm just worn to the bone from my three months of ick and this week's cabin fever. But I'm feeling pretty down about my birthday week this year.

I am knitting myself a gift, though, a shawl in natrlobsessions's merino/alpaca/silk in the Reclamation colorway. It's vivid greencopper and so soft in my hands. That helps.

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