Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Guess-the-song meme

The twist this time is that all of these are on my Kieran playlist. (Poor Kieran. I did get to write today, and it was his scene, but he didn't even get the best lines; those went to Ryan and Donna.)

In case you are new to the internet: I put iTunes (within this playlist) on random, I quote a line or two from the first 20 songs that come up, you guess 'em. Except I'm only doing ten because I'm tired.

1. "We each retreat to the corner that's defined by you" - "The Boxer" by Carbon Leaf, blergeatkitty

2. "Late at night I toss and turn and dream of what I need" - "Holding out for a Hero", jenk

3. "Hey, my love, you came to me like wine comes to this mouth, grown tired of water all the time" "Two-Step" by Dave Matthews Band, idonotlikepeas

4. "I give in to sin because you have to make this life livable" - "Strangelove" by Depeche Mode, bikergeek

5. "The moon's too bright, the chain's too tight, the beast won't go to sleep" - "I'm Your Man" by Leonard Cohen, thesilentpoet

6. "The angels leave on horseback but the devils are all mine" - "This Town" by Oysterband, siliconshaman

7. "For every reason not to be here I can think of two" - "Only When I Lose Myself" by Depeche Mode, idonotlikepeas

8. "Please don't ask me why I'm here; something deeper brought me than a need to remember" - "Beloved" by VNV Nation, enderfem

9. "Love, you mustn't tire at the dying of the day" - "We Shall Come Home" by Oysterband, kuangning

10. "I just want to see you when you're all alone/I just want to catch you if I can/I just want to be there when the morning light explodes" - "Love You Til the End" by the Pogues, rivertumbled

Some of these are dead easy y'all. I'll be disappointed if you don't get #4 right off. ;)

EDIT: Bonus song that I'll be shocked if you get:

11. "I will be the song for you; I will be your servant child." - "The Meeting" by Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe, approximated by mer_moon and guessed first in its entirety by sweetmmeblue

ALSO EDIT: I'll keep adding lines to #10 until someone gets it.
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