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Tew's Day

Hello to new reader whiskeychick!

State of the 'Song

Rhysling Awards
This is the last day for nominations! My eligible poem is "Nine Things About Oracles", published in Electric Velocipede #20. Long-poem category. I will send you a copy if you like.

Books! Buy them!
The fabulous csecooney and wirewalking have books out from Papaveria Press! You can buy Jack O' the Hills (by csecooney) and The Winter Triptych (by wirewalking) through Papaveria or Amazon. And you should.

Drollerie Press is totally on board with releasing the books the way I wanted to! So you'll have My Empire for Ashes and Book One, then Jessa & Fenris's story and Book Two, then Mask and Marionette and Book Three. For the new kids - the ones not currently named One, Two, and Three are supplemental material, stuff that takes place before the main story or during the main story. They are not mandatory to read, but they give you a lot more of the world.

I especially like Mask and Marionette coming out with Book Three, because it shows you the complete reverse of Books One and Two in time for you to go "oh shit".

So my recommended reading order is Book One, then My Empire for Ashes. I think Book Two and Jessa's story could be read in either order. Then Mask and Marionette, then Book Three.

Yes I need titles. This was originally going to be a comic book series, and thus would only have needed one title. Hell, I'm mostly done with the Jessa and Fenris story and I don't have a title for it yet. Then again, I never thought I would see that one published anywhere.

My deadline for the first two books is May; MEfA is already done and in their hands, so I just have to finish (AND TITLE) Book One by then.

No Link Soup today; I had no internet time yesterday.

Daily Science
Imagine a spinning black hole so colossal and so powerful that it kicks photons, the basic units of light, and sends them careening thousands of light years through space. Some of the photons make it to Earth. Scientists are announcing in the journal Nature Physics today that those well-traveled photons still carry the signature of that colossal jolt, as a distortion in the way they move. The disruption is like a long-distance missive from the black hole itself, containing information about its size and the speed of its spin.

Work, writing. I am actually going to Diesel tonight! Social interaction! Whoa! I'll have new-kid hypnagogie with me, so come say hi. :)
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