Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Iiiiiiii got so much done today.

Grocery shopping, a lot done on my Hemlock Ring (10 rows away from done with the center motif), and a lot of cleaning and reorganizing.

A lot.

I pretty much disassembled and reassembled my home office. (asciikitty, I found the interchangeable knitting needles! They were on my craft cart under a knitting pattern!) It is cleaner than it's been... ever. And organized. Boom.

With everything set up that I need to jump in and start working tomorrow, so that also means a project board, et cetera.

I am feeling hella accomplished right now. Also hella achy.

But I love looking around and seeing what I decided to keep, what didn't get organized away into a drawer or tossed or given to the kid. And a lot of it is stuff by y'all. Yarn spun by emilytheslayer, a shawl pin and necklace - yes, just one; it's Relevant - by kythryne. An inside-out matchbox by greylistening. Art by haikujaguar, charitypomaybo, eilonwy, static_eddie, team_tim, and more. A bowl by pharminatrix. Things by LJless people, too. An origami flower made from a StrowlerCon program. And more, on shelves and tucked into nooks and pinned to bulletin boards.

I surround myself with you.
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