Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

I'm not doing the full meme.

That ten-day meme. tried it when it started going around, but I couldn't manage even that first post - ten things I haven't told people? I don't *have* ten things I haven't told people! Maybe I have one? Or two? But if I do, they're cranky things that will go away (if they're not little things that'll fade as soon as I have some risotto in mah belleh, I tell people, I swear).

So these are mostly things that I have already said. But maybe I said them a while ago, and I want to remind you. Or I want you to know that I still feel that way. Or maybe I only said half of them and I want to unpack them a little more.

1. I have been so much happier with us since we figured out this time last year what we for sure weren't; I am happy with what we are.

2. I'm still a little delighted that you were nervous about introducing me to your new girlfriend - because it was that important to you that we like each other. With the physical distance and seeing each other so seldom, I don't always know where we are! But I feel like we're on the same page, and if it takes another two years, that's okay.

3. I think about you every day. All through the day, every day. My surprise miracle.

4. I find you so incredible freaking awesome that I am constantly surprised that you seem to feel the same way about me!

5. No one else could ever get me like you do. Probably no one else could ever get you like I do. It's a damn good thing we found each other.

6. You are my sister in so many ways, despite the fact that we've never met.

7. I love you so much I'm gonna knit socks for you dammit.

8. On paper, we seem so different; even before we met, thought, I knew we were kin, and the instant we met it was like we'd been in-person friends for years.

9. I don't see you nearly enough.

10. One day, you and me. And it'll be EPIC.
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