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Happy birthday to bikergeek, rubrchick, and stakebait!

State of the 'Song
Dreading the commute, hitting the albuterol too much, otherwise okay.

Thanks for liking the new Shayara page! I have a general author-y fan page, too, if that is of interest to you. Plus you can friend me on there anytime; unlike LJ, I friend everyone back on Facebook. Caveat: of course that means I don't actually keep up with everyone's status updates and stuff.

Link Soup
* Mother Jones on what's going on in Egypt.
* We measure our snow in Shaqs. We're not quite at a full Shaq yet, but we are already over one Shadesong.
* The Four Icon Challenge - a cool idea, well-executed.
* Right on, Holly Pervocracy.
* Why Kirby Bits is not speaking at PAX East 2011. Lots of overlap here with why I'm not going to PAX East, period.

Daily Science
For years researchers have been debating whether Enceladus, a tiny moon floating just outside Saturn's rings, is home to a vast underground ocean. Is it wet--or not? Now, new evidence is tipping the scales. Not only does Enceladus likely have an ocean, that ocean is probably fizzy like a soft drink and could be friendly to microbial life.

FIZZY OCEAN, you guys. Imagine the implications for the space ponies!

Friday Memeage
Wearing: Purple wandering-cable sweater and jeans. Bird-on-a-wire socks.
Reading: The Book Nobody Read: Chasing the Revolutions of Nicolaus Copernicus, by Owen Gingerich.
Writing: This week has been all behind-the-scenes structural stuff.
Knitting: I did two cowls for Elayna this week. Otherwise, I am very close to done with my Sekrit Project.
Planning: Going to a gaming night tonight (hoping for a ride, because this weather's been sucking for my lungs). Tomorrow is a house-stuff day, and hopefully more writing infrastructure. Sunday Elayna has her Girl Scout conference, and everything else depends on whether she has a ride to-from that, which she has thus far failed to determine.

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