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Scheherazade in Blue Jeans
freelance alchemist
Awesome birthday festivities. 
25th-Jan-2011 05:45 pm
My birthday is March 2. I pretty much celebrate my birthday for two weeks. (Then it's Elayna's turn. I'm fair.)


Tickets went on sale today for Prometheus Bound! Adam and I will be going on my actual birthday. <3

The day before my birthday I shall have a Diesel dinner mob. And JP Licks. Because JP Licks is right there.

I have no plans for the 3rd... I pondered doing roller skating again, but we've had lower attendance of late, and I'd like to not get stuck spending that much money? So unless there is outcry and demand for a skating party, I shan't have one. (I am willing if the date is open and enough people promise to chip in. But I won't be horribly upset if that doesn't happen.)

Friday the 4th is my birthday symposium. Probably not doing period cuisine this time, but we will have various delicious things!

Saturday will be a living room performance of Twelfth Night. All roles except Sir Toby Belch and Feste are up for grabs.

I'm not entirely sure what we'll be doing in the early- to mid-evening but I am sure it will be AWESOME. It may involve Muppets. But late evening, we're moving the party to - huh. I was thinking Heroes, but that's apparently the only Saturday night Heroes isn't happening. Right, then, Heroes the Saturday before, and I'll find something for that Saturday, never fear.

Sunday is brunch and a game/craft day.

So that is that. Well, and I'm going to a Flogging Molly concert on 2/27 (anyone else going? please?) and a Zoe Keating concert 3/11. :)
26th-Jan-2011 09:00 am (UTC)
Probably not doing period cuisine this time, but we will have various delicious things!

Sadly, I am not in town.
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