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Happy birthday to shiftercat!

Happy early birthday to bryant, firebirdgrrl, and emilytheslayer, who advance a year over the weekend!

Happy BIRTH day to the fabulous saraphina_marie's baby!

Hello to new reader annaoj!

State of the 'Song
We have advanced past the panicked non-breathing. Go team us. Still shaky, and lungs are definitely still suboptimal. This is still a sick day, but it's hopefully a sick day where I'm not horizontal all day.

A Thought
Giving myself permission to buy yarn as long as I have a specific project for it is a better limitation than "it's shiny, buy it!", but considering the number of projects in my queue...

Arisia Article
Arisia article in the Phoenix!

Some factual errors on "Take Back the Sci-Fi", but none of them terrible, and a good look at other panels (disappointed that "Post-Antibiotic SF" was incapable of staying on target, but this is stuff I need to know for assigning panels next year).

Some congoers are cranky about her focus on "this is a place to get laid", saying she overemphasizes that over all of the other cool programming and the fact that this is a kid- and teen-friendly con with lots for under-18s to do. I agree that I'd like to have seen more focus on everything else that Arisia is, but she did cover more programming and less "these people are kinky" stuff than she did in her article last year.

And. You guys. Please let's not pretend Arisia's something it's not. If, based on my experiences in prior years, I feel that I must say beforehand "I'm not having sex with you at Arisia", which I really don't have to make explicit anywhere else... there is an emphasis on hookups. I would like articles to be more focused on stuff like kids' and teen programming, literature and science, dances, et cetera, but we really can't pretend that con sex doesn't happen.

Link Soup
* The care and feeding of a cold.
* Hedgehogs taking baths! OmiGAWD.
* I am keenly interested in this.
* The best answer to the "is Batman the mask Bruce Wayne wears, or is Bruce Wayne the mask that Batman wears?" that I have ever seen.
* Ordinary objects with knitting done to them.

Daily Science
One of the greatest puzzles of the double-slit experiment – and quantum physics in general – is why electrons seem to act differently when being observed. While electrons traveling through a barrier with two slits create interference patterns when unobserved, these interference patterns disappear when scientists detect which slit each electron travels through. By designing a modified version of the double-slit experiment with a new "which-way" electron detector at one of the slits, a team of scientists from Italy has found a clue as to why electron behavior appears to change when being observed.

BPAL Reviews
I can breathe through my nose today! Here are some reviews.

HARLEQUIN AND COLUMBINE: French vanilla, red currant, sage, balsam, rosewood, mandarin, lemon peel, pomegranate, and cedar.
In bottle: Currant, pomegranate, please do not get citrusy on me...
On me: Phew. There's a crispness that probably comes from the lemon peel, but it's not Pledge. Currantpomegranate until the woods come out, and then a lot of lovely balsam and cedar.

HERR DROSSELMEYER 2010: Magus, toymaker, and Godfather to Klara. An enigmatic man, seemingly somewhat sinister, but bearing a gentle air and a sincere love for children. This scent is dignified, refined, but dark, and hints towards esoteric mysteries and the secrets that tie mechanics to magick. Pipe smoke, sweet leather, woods and linen.
In bottle: More linen than tobacco this year.
On me: An austere gentleman's study. A far cry from the sense-memory of my grandfather's tobacco pouch hat past Herr Drosses have had. Sadface. It's not bad, it just has no muchness.

THE NUTCRACKER: Klara’s most prized Christmas gift. Broken by Fritz in a fit of jealousy, repaired by Drosselmeyer’s magic: frankincense, black mission fig, and galbanum.
In bottle: Mostly the resins.
On me: Too much frankincense, not enough fig. NEEDZ MOAR FIG.

SUGAR PLUM FAIRY: Queen of the Kingdom of Sweets: sugar plums, vanilla-infused sugar, tiare, amber musk, apricot peel, and a light dusting of cacao.
In bottle: All the candy ever.
On me: SO MUCH SUGAR. Good for an environmental scent or evoking a character, but not for daily wear.

VALSE FINALE ET APOTHÉOSE: The return journey: three honeys, white mint, and apple blossom.
In bottle: Starchy? honeys.
On me: Ooooh. The honeys thicken, scented by apple blossoms and finally mint. This is lickably delicious. Nom.

Friday Memeage
Wearing: Penguin pajamas.
Reading: Packing for Mars by Mary Roach.
Writing: Yeah, nothing got done this week. Sick-person brain.
Knitting: Hoping to finish my Sekrit Project by the end of the weekend, and I will cast on for sindrian's fingerless mitts by the end of the weekend. I've joined Nerd Wars and Guild Wars on Ravelry, so a lot of my knitting will be focused on that in the near future. Must do sindrian's stuff first! :)
Planning: Oh, darlings, I am resting. Today. Tomorrow. Sunday. All resting. I will read, I will watch TV, I will knit, I will nap, and that is all.

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