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Thor's Day

Happy birthday to kenscholes, kiyasjoy, and sister-I've-never-met greylistening!

Happy belated birthday to farren, ericmarin, badger2305, thevirtualjim, and brendandetzner!

State of the 'Song
The nausea is still not completely gone. Eurgh.

Snow Snow Snow
Still Hoth. I don't officially have a snow day, but seeing as the roads are only a hair above impassable and the sidewalks are uniformly unshoveled... I'm working from home. Elayna has an official snow day, which is good, as I shudder to think of her trying to get to school through this. I think Watertown declared a snow day just to buy themselves more time to plow.

My birthday weekend is March 4-6! I don't know what we're doing yet. Ideas? The Facebook event has been created, but I haven't sent it out because I do not know what we're doing.

Link Soup
* I want to see this. Bostonians! Anyone up for it?
* Running Toward the Gunshots: A Few Words About Joan of Arc. This post is amazing and you should read it.
* Doctor Who screensavers.
* The depressing realities of rape statistics.
* Clothes and geek feminism. (You probably have no idea how much I think about clothes. Part of that has to do with gender presentation, of course.)

Daily Science
“We have demonstrated, for the first time, that a crystal can store information encoded into entangled quantum states of photons,” says paper co-author Dr. Wolfgang Tittel of the University of Calgary’s Institute for Quantum Information Science. “This discovery constitutes an important milestone on the path toward quantum networks, and will hopefully enable building quantum networks in a few years.”

Surprise BPAL Reviews
Since I'm home and all.
GROßVATER TANZ: The evening’s celebration winds down with a traditional German folk song: rice porridge, candied fruits, heavy cream, powdered clove, and Lebkuchen.
In bottle: Yep, that's dessert!
On me: Aaaand one of those candied fruits is citrus.

MOTHER GINGER: From beneath her skirts emerge eight gingerbread children: gingerbread, French vanilla, sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon, and marshmallow cream.
In bottle: Something here is starchy and chemical. The marshmallow cream?
On me: Yeah, I'm getting nothing but sticky-and-chemical. Y'all. Where is my ginger?

THE SPANISH DANCE: Chocolate, orange blossom honey, and pomegranate.
In bottle: Dry chocolate.
On me: Oh, there we go. Chocolate-covered pomegranate seeds, dark and tart. Yes, have some.

THE ARABIAN DANCE: Leather, coffee, hazelnut, tobacco, and Middle Eastern spices.
In bottle: Oh hai saddle leather.
On me: Starts off *very* leather/tobacco, but here comes the coffee. Yeah, this is a yummy masculine scent.

Do whatever day-job work I can do from home, then work on Cicatrix. Elayna needs to be doing homework and cleaning her room, so even if she's not doing those things, she'll probably be in her room so I can't tell at a glance that she's not. So odds of me getting stuff done are higher than usual.

And later I must pack for Arisia.
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