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Happy birthday to jaded_dreamer!

State of the 'Song
Oh, body, why have you fallen in love with 4 AM? What can I do to end this torrid affair? *yawn*

Gabrielle Giffords
I still don't have words for this tragedy that are not 90% profanity. Just. I'm not surprised, and you shouldn't be surprised either. Not with political discourse the way it is in this country, especially from the far-right-wing sociopaths. Dear right wing: When you tell your fans "don't retreat, reload", hold rallies at firing ranges, and post pictures of your political opponents with rifle sights over their faces, this is what happens.

Dear Writerbrain
I am not going to write the biopunk horror/redemption story you just dumped into my brain in response to a casual Gchat comment. Not right now. Stop that.

Is what I am actually going to write (probably with bits of Jessa's story as a unicorn chaser). Cicatrix is scary. Just in the stuff that fell out of my head during Blogathon, I see a lot of stuff I've been dancing away from exploring. Add to that the balancing act of the importance of doing this right and speaking my nakedest truth. But. Gotta do it. I work 1-5 today, so I have some actual writing time.

Link Soup: TRIGGER WARNING Edition
No, seriously, trigger warnings on this whole section.
* The Agonizing Last Words of Bill Zeller, programmer and rape survivor. This is a tough read, but an important one. I'll be posting thinky thoughts about it on the BARCC blog this week.
* Sady and Cara on their own experiences with rape.
* Naomi Wolf really is just trolling at this point.

Link Soup: Daily Science Edition
* Birds might actually be using quantum mechanics to find their way through the skies.
* Dwarf galaxy harbors supermassive black hole.
* Link between signaling molecules could point way to therapies for epilepsy, stroke, other diseases.

Writing til I have to leave for work! Work 1-5, then Peer Supe.
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