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This is a post about knitting, so if you don't care about knitting, just scroll past.

Finished last night: Scrunchable Scarf for swashbucklr in Cascade Baby Alpaca Chunky, variegated jewel tones. Dead easy pattern, knits up quick because the yarn's so fat. I love that yarn (although that colorway's not my favorite), and I've pulled out a skein of it in copper to play with soon. All in all, nice instant-gratification project.

On the needles:
Arabella shawl in Malabrigo Sock, Azules (variegated dark bluepurple). This has been sitting on the needles for months. Many projects have come and gone while this has been on the needles. Mostly because I needed to do holiday knitting. Also, at this point, because it's at the "every row takes 20 minutes" point, I can't just pick it up when I have a few minutes like I can the scarves I've been busting out - and it's complex enough that I actually do need to pay attention. I am not allowed to start another shawl for myself until I finish this one. This is my second Arabella, and I loved the first one (which I auctioned off for Blogathon), so I know I'll love it, but right now I wish I could fast-forward to the point where I have it.

And I have a Sekrit Project for someone who does not know what they're getting or in fact that they are getting anything, but suffice to say that last night I said "Iiiii am doing sekrit knitting for someone!" and brandished said project, and Adam instantly guessed who it was for, so I feel confident that it is a perfect yarn/project/recipient combo. This one is an easy enough pattern that I may set it aside to be my Arisia knitting.

In my queue and on my mind:
* Capucine hat in copper baby alpaca, for *me*.
* Crazy Ribs fingerless mitts in Noro Kureyon sock, for sindrian. Pondering a slight modification in ending the mitts before the fingerstub parts because I think those might make me crazy, plus I like the look of fingerless mitts better without the fingerstubs. Must consult him.
* Stockholm scarf for reals as soon as I get the necessary needles back (see yesterday). This is for me. All y'all saying I never knit for myself and I should, I'm gonna! I swear! This one will be in Malabrigo Silky Merino, ravelry red, all wound and sitting right next to my laptop, waiting.

And I know that this is an artifact of me freezing my butt off, but all I want to knit with right now is bulky yarn. Well, the cold and my radical decluttering impulse, because bulky skeins take up a lot of space and knits up fast. That skein of mystery Muppety yarn could be wristwarmers real quick. I have a whole lot of gorgeous sock yarn, but stuff I knit with it I won't be able to wear for months. Which is another thing holding me up on the Arabella shawl. I was poking at shawl patterns last night that use worsted and bulky, for shawls I can wear now...

Oh! Also I want to knit a blanket. Yes I am on the express train to crazytown. Yes I know it'll take forever. Girasole or Hemlock Ring, in Knit Picks Gloss heavy worsted, Wine, because I made a scarf with that and it is luscious.

Right, then. Enough of a break. Back to decluttering. (I did get a massive cleaning/sorting chore that I'd been putting aside for years done.)
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