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Happy birthday to beelavender, thunderpigeon, terracinque, liminalia, and the adorable slipjig!

Happy early birthday to mister_wolf, kylakae, dark_blade, theicequeen, and faelad, who advance a year this weekend!

State of the 'Song
Well, yesterday was awful. Like, had a Red Lantern ring floated by, I would've been recruited like *that*. Bad enough to require cancellation of plans and a Meeting with the Laying Out of Rules.

This morning? Not quite as bad, but still fail.

This is one of the reasons for the anger laser.

BARCC Walk for Change!
is April 10! Make a note of it! Register here to join Team Venture and walk with us! And sponsor me!

Link Soup
* 55 SF/F movies coming out this year.
* Cats in northern MA need a home; their human passed away suddenly.
* More retro superhero travel posters.
* Great post about Blogging While Female.

Link Soup: Daily Science Edition
* 10-year-old spots a supernova; eight-year-olds publish scientific bee study.
* New state of matter seen in clay.
* Viking landers did detect organics on Mars.
* Science: simply beautiful.

Friday Memeage!
Wearing: Heathery green cabled sweater and jeans.
Reading: Ruined by Lynn Nottage and The Mind's Eye by Oliver Sacks.
Writing: A few poems this week, but mostly I've been using my writing time to make my office usable.
Knitting: Almost done with swashbucklr's scarf - like, could've been done last night had I stayed up just a little later. Hopefully I will get my size 10 needles back from feste_sylvain's younger daughter tomorrow so I can get started on this scarf.
Planning: Today is work, then chatelaine stuff. Tomorrow is chatelaine stuff, then a friend's birthday dinner and date with feste_sylvain. Sunday is Moar Chatelaine Stuff. My deepest hope is that we will be done with the nothing-but-that over this weekend; part of it is a massive "that's been taking up space since we moved and you haven't touched it" decrufting, essentially yanking everything out of its place, room by room, and seeing if it should be put back. Exhausting. But necessary.

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