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January Schedule

All "for Justice" events, you are welcome and encouraged to attend with me!

January 1:
January 2: Elayna returns triumphant

January 3:
January 4: Diesel maybe
January 5:
January 6: Recuperating from Christmas gathering or Bohemian Bacchanalia
January 7:

January 8: slipjig's birthday
January 9:

January 10: BARCC Peer Supe
January 11: Diesel maybe
January 12:
January 13:
January 14: ARISIA

January 15: ARISIA
January 16: ARISIA

January 17: ARISIA
January 18: Diesel maybe
January 19: New Wave Feminists' first anniversary party?
January 20: Socializing for Justice skillshare?
January 21:

January 22: Burlesque class?, emilytheslayer's birthday
January 23:

January 24: BARCC Peer Supe
January 25: Diesel maybe
January 26:
January 27: Connecting for Justice
January 28: Documentary screening at NOMAS

January 29: Concert?
January 30:

January 31:
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