Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong


I have eaten leftover GF pasta. In a separate room. And I have been passive-aggressively knitting. Generally I avoid passive aggression but fuckit.

Also I have been the only person interacting with the wee ones. Possibly in ways their gender-determinist conservative parents would not approve of. But if they're not going to pay any attention to their children...


3-year-old girlchild: "What are you doing?"
Me: "Making a baby blanket!"
Girlchild: "Do you have a baby in your tummy?"
Me: "No, but my friend does. And when the baby comes out it will be cold. So it should have a blanket."
Girlchild: "Is your friend a girl or a boy?"
Me: "That is an excellent question! My friend is a girl."
Girlchild: "What's her name?"
Me: "Kyth."
Girlchild: "Do you have a friend who's a boy?"
Me: "I do."

This continues for some time. We tell each other about many friends. Eventually we cycle back to the baby blanket.

Me: "It's purple because my friend's favorite color is purple."
Girlchild: "What's the baby's daddy's favorite color?"
Me: "Actually, this baby has two mommies. And they both love purple best."
Girlchild: "Two mommies!"
Me: "Yep!"
Girlchild: "That baby is SO LUCKY!"

Apparently mommies are way cooler than daddies. Which I kinda get, having watched her daddy try to weasel his way out of reading to her.

Also, she thinks sindrian has a silly name, but I told her that that's okay because he's a silly boy, so it suits him.

Also also I am the best at dressing her pony and her dad needs to step off because he doesn't do it properly.

So yeah. When I can't deal with the grownups, at least I have the kids. Even if they try to sneak off with my yarn. Which is totally still attached to the blanket, girlchild, so you're not getting away with that.

Crack Pie is finally in the oven, so I should get good food soon. My parents are picking us up tomorrow; they suck, but at least they understand the celiac thing, so food will not be one of our battles. More elsetime. I need wine.
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