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Jesus fucking Christ.

I have been catching tiny shreds of nap amongst the blasting of music and the shrieking of cousins.

Adam just came in.

Y'know how I said he was going to make GF lasagna?

Thing is, we have lasagna every Christmas evening. Have all ten years I've been coming here. Now, my aunt mentioned that some random person was bringing over some food. But I've been talking about the lasagna all goddamn week. And I bought the GF lasagna noodles. And I was talking about it in the car today, even. With interaction from her. I have been very chatty over how happy I am that I still get to have Christmas lasagna with them.

And nowhere in there did she happen to mention that this random interloper would be using both ovens to cook massive amounts of heinous shit I can't eat and that therefore we would not be able to cook lasagna so she didn't buy ricotta or anything anyway.

So I got no lunch, and I get no dinner.

I am holed up in the bedroom. Because if I go out there I AM GOING TO SAY AN UNKIND THING.
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