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I have been sick every day I've been here. Cross-contamination-level glutening - exhaustion, itching, achiness, nausea, bowel cramps waking me up.

Today I asked my aunt if she'd mentioned the gluten-free thing to her mother, who cooks Christmas lunch - no. "She's not going to bother to do that." WELL YOU COULD HAVE GIVEN HER THE CHANCE.

So that was three hours of sitting around, not eating, trying to explain why I'm not eating when I am just too exhausted to keep explaining, getting about the 50th iteration of "well, can you eat bread?" and I just can't. I spent much of today trying to to cry. Because it's not just that it's another meal where I couldn't eat anything on the table, it's a meal where maybe I could have had anyone cared to read a damn label. But my health < taking the time to read a label. There was even gluteny salad dressing dumped on the salad before I could get to it. Did not need to happen.

I just can't right now.

I am in the bed, I am going to try to nap in the half hour before everyone comes over. Adam is making crack pie and GF lasagna that will hopefully not be too contaminated by the bakeware. Then he has to call Delta because they *told* him Tuesday but the itinerary they e-mailed says Monday, so I don't even know when I'm getting home, and I can't deal.
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