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Dreaming and remembering my dreams is not usual. Last night, though? Clear consistent narrative like whoa.

We were in the underworld. We = me and a rotating cast of others, most consistently Elayna. I remember certain of her friends being there, and various acquaintances. I remember that we were transported to the depths of the underworld and had to get out; there was a path, but everyone on the path before us was turning away and wandering off at various points, drawn away by spirits or whatever distracting them or changing their minds. There were icy rocks that made a lot of people give up. We had to ford the River Lethe, and, well, you get a mouthful of that...

I was leading Elayna and her friends out, and I was out in front, persevering, pushing through, and I got to the gates and stepped out, one of vanishingly few, and - they were not behind me, they had gotten lost or detained or distracted while I was forging ahead.

So I had to go back in.

It was easier to make it through, having once been out, but the others had been in there too long and it was now like Pleasure Island from Pinocchio to them. I couldn't convince them to follow me. Elayna ducked away from me in a moment of inattention, and I ran through the underworld screaming for her until I lost my voice, afraid I'd lost her for good.

And then I met the man in charge.

And I offered him a deal - I would do anything he wanted if he would release all of my people. I insisted upon a full list of people so I could go through and make sure I got everyone - there were half-recognized faces I saw in passing, and I was sure there were people I hadn't seen. He poo-pooed me at first, saying that he didn't need anything nice done, thanks, but I convinced him that I could and would be mean if that's what it took.

So he assigned me to break the heart and spirit of one of his hunters, the only one who'd been kind to me and helped me.

Well, that sucks.

I spent a while trying to figure out ways to seem to accomplish this without actually hurting him - but then, thankfully, I became aware of another way. If I tied Elayna with a white cord and kept her held to me for a certain period of time, I could take her with me. I did; she struggled, but I held on, and we reappeared out of the underworld, and that's all I remember.

So my dream-self, when faced with "save one person (the most important) and do not break a man's spirit" or "break a man's spirit and save everyone", chooses the former. That is interesting. I think I trusted that he would help the others. Plus, the next time I saw Elayna in the crowd, I had a white cord to hand, and the way she'd been appearing and disappearing, that could've been my only chance to save her.

So there's that.
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