Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

I am home and not-home simultaneously.

I am home because hey, birthfamily! They are awesome. That's a win. There is comfort and laughter and a lot of wine.

I am not-home...

...a thing you should know is that North/Central Florida is a foreign country. The Christian Fiction section of the bookstore is bigger than the SF/Fantasy section. There are stores on Main Street that sell pork rinds next to stores that sell genuine mink cell phone holders. (I see more real fur products here than I do the whole rest of the year.) I vacillate between "yeah, I could live here" and "oh hell no". At times, this place is an exercise in keeping my mouth shut - about my politics, my sexuality, about a lot of stuff. Not with my family (who voted for Bush and know I didn't, but we love each other anyway), but pretty much everywhere else. There is raging Palin fandom around here. It is freaky.

It is not my place.

So. Home and not-home.

And I miss Boston (except for the weather). I miss feste_sylvain, and my community, and sindrian (my mind still equates him with Boston; he left after me). I miss my cats.


My aunt and uncle are at work; my birthmom's running errands. I have buckled down and gotten a lot of work done today, especially on my writery website. I have more to do, particularly Arisia stuff. I may need a nap.

First, I will clear some tabs!

* New issue of Stone Telling!
* #MooreAndMe: And Then He Came Down.
* Not Your Mom's Trans 101.
* New meme: Incredulous Kristy.
* In Yogi Bear, Jellystone Park is District 9 (for bears). In all seriousness, read that it is awesome.
* DC Comics-inspired jewelry.
* Video of the solar eclipse.

Brain is too tired for lace shawl knitting and dead-easy knitting will put me to sleep, so: reading, napping, or Arisia track management, here I come!
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