Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Life with 'song & Sindrian (formerly Numath)

(I will get this out of the way first: Read Tiger Beatdown. And Kate Harding. And Harriet J. And the actual charges. Get on Twitter. #mooreandme.)

Last night, sindrian and I were too sleepy for epic sex; we climbed into bed for epic snuggles instead. He turned out the light and climbed over me, and I pounced him promptly and sillily and with much RAR!ing.

sindrian: *cracks up*
Me: "Whaaaaat?"
sindrian: "I love the noises you make! You sound like a baby velociraptor!"
Me: *more velociraptor noises, also CHOMP!*
sindrian: "Baby velociraptor is eating my kidneys!"
Me: "Om nom rar!"
sindrian: I need those to filter my pee!"
Me, hopefully: "Do you need your lungs?"
sindrian: "Yes!"
Me: "What about your phalanges?"
sindrian: "I don't think I have phalanges."
Me: "You do!" *points out phalanges* Can I nom just one? Midnight snack?"
sindrian: "Noooo. I need all my parts."
Me: "You do not need your earlobes."
sindrian: "But then how can kythryne make me an awesome earpiece?"
Me: "She can make you a fake earlobe. Like Tycho Brahe's nose!"
sindrian: "Nooo!"
Me: "But Tycho Brahe was AWESOME."
sindrian: "I like my nose!"
Me: *dives for kidneys again, all velociraptor-noise-making*

Also he surprise bit me on the butt today, which produced a startled baby velociraptor noise.

Usually when men say they like the noises I make, they are not talking about the velociraptor noises!
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