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Happy birthday to angelmcc, nayad, tammy212, seajules, and Honeyed Goblin Queen tithenai!

State of the 'Song
I spent most of Saturday resting, which is probably the only way I got through Sunday's rounds of brunch, Slutcracker, and Tangled, and I am seriously exhausted today. Which is unfortunate, because today I'm on the go from noon til 10pm.

Girl Handbook Needed
I was never issued a Girl Handbook, so I don't know this stuff. Those of you with Girl Handbooks, there's something in there about what to wear to work + a meeting with your volunteer group + a Heisendate that you are increasingly thinking is in fact a date ("can't wait to see you" = probably date, y/n?), yes? I DON'T KNOW THIS STUFF.

I have chosen a semi-slinky black cowlneck sweater with an Andrea Scher linked necklace (damn winter and its high necklines; most of my best stuff is not chokers), jeans, and black Chucks with Ghostbusters shoelaces. IS THIS APPROPRIATE? I do not know. Fuck it. Ghostbusters shoelaces are appropriate for almost every occasion, per the Shadesong handbook. I'll go by that.

No Link Soup today because I was occupied all weekend and am very behind on the internets.

Daily Science
Men with type 1 diabetes may be able to grow their own insulin-producing cells from their testicular tissue.

Work, Peer Supe, and Heisendate. Then home to collapse into bed. So tired, you guys. So tired.
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