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Happy birthday to phantom_wolfboy!

Hello to returning reader imortalscot!

State of the 'Song
Yep, still oogy. Slight improvement from yesterday in that my cough is productive today, rather than being something like Victoria's fake-hairballing. I dipped down to 97.5 yesterday, close to my baseline, but I'm back over 98 now. Better than Saturday, where I was hovering perilously close to 100 all day.

So basically goblin infestation in head and chest, cough, achiness, fatigue, but the piercing headache, sore throat, and severe nausea are gone. The things bugging me most right now are the chest congestion, cough, and difficulty breathing.

Elayna is home too, having finally contracted a touch of this. Here's hoping her hardy adolescent system trounces it with a swiftness.

Oh Facebook
So, new profile. Which is just fine, really, except that
1. I'd like it to be more customizable
2. I can't get it to put my current employer on the vital stats thing; why?
3. That thing where you can make sure certain people show up as friends every time is no longer there :(
4. Still no gender options other than male and female
5. Still no relationship options for non-monogamous people.

Also, figuring out whether to list your birthmother as your mother is hard. Why no fill-in option regarding your relationship to the person? Also, why no "brother-in-law"/"sister-in-law" option? Steve is not actually my brother. Facebook, you make me mislead people; I mislike that, I do.

Chanukah Awesomeness
Random LJer Lise, in case you're reading this, thank you for the cookbook! And sairaali, thank you for the tiny terrariums! (I think they will be earrings! Must find earwires and pliers.)

It has been a most excellent Chanukah so far, for me as well as Elayna. I have trained my parents to actually use my wishlist, which means books, yarn store gift certificates, and a certain box from Emblems that I have not yet opened but I totally know what it is, and yay for Narnia and having something by Danielle and it matches a necklace earmarked for tithenai!). I have shinies from my men, Wyrding Studios and Sihaya Designs, and geekery from them as well.

And I surprised Adam by getting him an eminently practical gift. Ha! Ten years and I can still surprise him. :)

Did I mention I knitted Elayna a shawl?

She likes it. More pics on Ravelry, bien sur.

Link Soup
* Do not blame sexually predatory behavior within fandom on autism/Asperger's.
* You guys, Game of Thrones is looking awesome.
* Go read ellen_kushner's "The Man with the Knives".

Daily Science
You already know about the arsenic-based lifeforms in Mono Lake, but here's your link roundup.

Also, Enceladus is awesome, bryozoans are awesome, Hyperion is weird and awesome, and the reason H1N1 killed so many young and middle-aged people? they had over-reactive immune systems, that is not awesome and not what I needed to read when I was sick.

More of that aggressive self-care. Perhaps a bath. Knitting and reading. I have actually found myself with arms too weak and tired to knit more than a few rows this weekend, which vexes me. Quit it, body. I have too much to do.
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