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I am having that glassy-eyed brainfoggy thing. Plus pounding headache and nausea (temporarily mollified by Excedrin). Plus fever (average of two degrees above normal), plus general weakness, plus chest and head congestion and sore throat and cough. Essentially I have spent most of the past two days in bed, too out of sorts to sleep.

I am a bit maudlin about this, yes, but also I am so angry. Because I missed a show I really wanted to see last night, and I didn't get to help a friend move today, and I don't get to table for BARCC at the Bazaar Bizarre tomorrow (which is a thing I've been looking forward to for months, yes I'm weird), and I don't get to see kythryne until I'm 100% better and then some.

I never quite get over the anger at being sidelined by my body. Even though this particular thing is not a broken-songbody thing, it's a thing that happens to perfectly healthy people. Still.
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